KNP Strategic Priorities and Action Plan 2018 - 23

The KNP has been in existence since 2012. At the end of 2016 a review was undertaken to determine the value of the partnership and to ensure it still meets the needs of partners and potential funders. Review of the Kent Nature Partnership December 2016.  Another element of the KNP review was to examine the role of the KNP within the planning system.  This work was undertaken by the Kent Wildlife Trust and involved extensive interviews with Local Planning Authorities.  Link to the KNP Planning impact review document 2017

The review recommended options for developing the Kent Nature Partnership to better meet local needs, add value and continue to deliver under different resource scenarios.  A workshop was held in July 2017 to take the findings of the review forward.  Four KNP priorities were amended after the workshop and approved by the KNP Board:-

Priority 1 - Strengthening the consideration of biodiversity within local plans and the growth agenda

Priority 2 - Embedding natural capital into planning and decision making

Priority 3 - Taking forward the health and nature agenda

Priority 4 - Improving the quality, extent and connectivity of our high value habitats

Following the workshop, outomes and objectives were also finalised by the KNP Board and the following plan captures this alongside draft actions, due to be finalised by December 2017:

Link to the Stategic Priorities and Action Plan 2018 - 23 

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